eSync fills hard drive space

  • Updated

eSync fills up your c:\ drive.

This is caused by .tmp files being put in the c:\windows\temp drive when eSync is looking at the knowledge files for your assets, private assets, uploaded files, uploaded images, and asset library. eSync does the following: 

  1. Gets a copy of the file that should move over and puts a .tmp version in  c:\windows\temp on the sending server.  
  2. Copies that .tmp file, puts it in the receiving server's c:\windows\temp .
  3. Checks the receiving server's knowledge file, and...
    • if needed, copies the file to the appropriate folder.
    • if not needed, deletes the .tmp files after it is done synchronizing the folder.
  • Have roughly 2.5 times the combined file storage size of the following folders, assets, private assets, uploaded files, and uploaded images. Note this is a rough estimate and is usually more than is needed. It is good to have extra space so that more files can be added in the future.
  • Or move the c:\windows\temp folder to a drive with more hard drive space.  
  • Implement automatic daily Ektron Windows Service restarts to remove temp files each day.