Initial eSync not completing

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If you do an initial sync but the sync never completes, you may need to update the esync memory settings. 

eSync is not batching up changes properly.

Modify the memory settings so eSync can create batches. 

  1. Open the workarea/settings/sync settings.
  2. Change the application transaction size and memory cache size to 16384.

Be sure to update all profiles to 16384. for both transaction size and memory size. (Check the dropdown in the title bar -- it starts at global settings but there can be overrides for each profile).

If you are getting the following error also try the below.

A task may only be disposed if it is in a completion state  

  1. Open the following file.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\Ektron.ASM.EktronServices40.exe"
  2. Find these settings:
    <add key="DisableTaskParallelization" value="true" />
    <add key="DisableFolderSyncParallelization" value="false" />
    Note: Enable this only if using Windows 2008 R2 Server OS or above with the latest windows updates and the server has 2GB RAM base plus 2GB RAM for every site which esyncs.
  3. Reverse them from whatever they were. 
  4. Save the config file and restart the Ektron Windows Service. 
  5. Attempt the sync again.