Ektron L4 log - What is it used for?

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What is the Ektron L4 log in the Event Viewer Application and Services Logs used for?

The Ektron L4 log is a good log to check if you're attempting the following:

  • Want to know if the Ektron Windows Service is started
  • Knowing when syncs have completed.
  • Generating certificates and the site, or multiple sites, don't appear in the site dropdown
  • Attempting to register a site with Solr or Microsoft Search and receiving an error regarding the Ektron Windows Service or 8732
  • Receiving an error message that the Ektron Windows Service is not available

Note: You do not need to increase the Ektron Windows Service logging to receive errors in the Ektron L4 log. That logging is used for troubleshooting eSync, with logs located:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\log

Ektron Windows Service Error Logging