Timeout Error Accessing eSync Profiles

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If you see a timeout error while accessing syncronization profiles, try the following steps. 

It is recommended to backup your database before making any changes to it. 

1) Run the following SQL, which cleans up deleted sync profiles left in your database.

delete from cmsentity_syncstatus_tbl where scheduleid in(select scheduleid from scheduler where status = 0)
delete from scheduler where status = 0

You may also examine your scheduler table for profiles that are no longer used -- you can also delete these. 

2) Check the ServerInfo85.xml file(ServerInfo in earlier versions) for incorrect information. This file lists the following information for the local and remote servers:

  • location of sync services
  • database connection info
  • site paths

If you find incorrect information

  1. Delete the contents of the file between the opening and closing tags.
  2. Attempt to sync again, which should recreate the contents of the file.
  3. Confirm the validity of the data.

If you still see invalid data, confirm that the correct site path is set in IIS Manager, and that the connection string in the site's web.config file is correct.