Is File Sync Stuck?

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You try to sync an individual file or a folder, it takes a long time to sync, and you are unsure if the remote end of the sync is updating.

 You may have a knowledge file issue.

Check the time stamps of the knowledge files for the remote server. To do that, navigate to the following folder path: sync (for example, C:\\sync\), the name of the remote server, the germane site, and the type of file being synced.

For example, if you are synching asset files to the EktronSite1 site on the RemoteServer server, the path might be: C:\sync\ RemoteServer\inetpub\ EktronSite1\assets.

Ensure that the metadata knowledge files' (ending in .metadata) timestamps are updated to roughly the current time on the server. If the metadata file does not have a timestamp near the time of the sync, follow the steps in this article.