How to Setup Ektron Load Balancing

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This topic explains how to set up Ektron load balancing between servers.

Load Balancing has 2 purposes:

  • Provides redundancy for your website-if one server fails, a second can handle requests
  • Balances requests-distributes requests across multiple servers

Ektron load balancing does neither of these things. Ektron load balancing copies files between the servers setup for Ektron load balancing. 

IMPORTANT:  The physical path to the Ektron website must be the same on all load balanced servers. Also, sticky sessions must be enabled.

Note: You do not need eSync for load balancing to run.

When setting up load balancing, check these items on all servers.

  1. The load-balanced Ektron sites must be on the same folder path structure, and the folder name for the site must be identical between the number of load balanced servers.

  2. A correct license key for the number of load balanced servers that will share a database. The license key must have an "L-X" value, where X is the number of load balanced servers.

  3. The EktronWindowService port 8732 must be open to and from the servers.

  4. In the site root folder on all load balanced servers, verify that the AssetManagement.config file has the "LoadBalanced" key set to 1.

  5. In the Ektron.ASM.EktronServices40.exe.config file, located :\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40, set the following keys:

        <add key="LoadBalanced" value="1" />
        <add key="AssetsLoadBalanced" value="1" /> - A new key added in 9.X.
        <add key="LibraryLoadBalanced" value="1" />
        <add key="LoadBalServerCount" value="X" /> - X is the number of servers that will be in use.

  6. Security certificates must be generated and exchanged between the load balanced web servers.

    When using an application pool user other than Network Service, the following steps should allow Ektron load balancing to perform. Depending on your company's security requirements, these steps may need to be modified.
    • Add the app pool user as an admin on the box.
    • In the site permissions, add the user with full control.
    • In the site permissions of the Ektron Windows Service folder(Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\), give the user full control.
    • Change the 'log on as' user for the Ektron Windows Service to the app pool user.
    • Restart the Ektron Windows Service.