EWS Backwards Compatibility

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Esync allows you to use an Ektron Windows Service (EWS) version that is greater than the version of the sites on the server. There are a few version rules which should be followed.


The Ektron Windows Service (EWS) version should be the same version between syncing servers. This is present in the following file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\Ektron.ASM.EktronServices40.exe.config  

For the version find the following key.

installedversion= 9.1 ( SP1 (.1) CU 4 (.304)

The EWS version should be greater than or equal to the latest site version. This is found in the web.config.

  • ek_buildNumber
  • ek_ServicePack

The sites being synced should be on the same service pack and cumulative site update(CU). Look at the following values.

  • ek_buildNumber
  • ek_ServicePack
  • ek_PatchUpdate