What the Server Type (Stage Server) checkbox does

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We have had this question posed to us quite a few times. "What does the staging server checkbox do?" Below we'll give you some information on this checkbox and what product features it impacts.

Stage Server Checkbox

To change the server type check box you need to navigate within the workarea to settings > configuration > setup.

Once you edit the setup you will see a "Server Type:" field as shown in the image above. 

What does it mean if this box is checked?

When the check box next to staging server is checked, it impacts a few functions of the product. Below is a list of some

  1. Multisite / Content Authoring
    • When enabled for multi-site, the "Staging Domain" is used (specified in the folder properties). The Staging Domain refers to any non production domain so this may include a dev, stage, or authoring host name. Links will be prefixed for this multisite with the domain specified here. If the box is unchecked, the Production Domain is used.

      stage server folder properties

  2. Library Links
    • Links in the library reference the checkbox and are appended with the domain prefix when viewed on the website.

  3. Web Alerts
    • When using web alerts with esync, the checkbox tells the database not to send out the email notifications on the staging server. This is useful so web alerts get sent out when an esync completes and not on a staging environment where the email would point them to an inaccessible link.