XLIFF localization did not import image selector metadata

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XLIFF localization did not import image selector metadata.

Multi-languages metadata for your Image Selector are setup for the metadata field. Content was exported with the metadata field. Translator had updated the valud for the metadata in the XLIFF. However, the metadata appeared blank when the new localized content was inspected.

For older versions, please check "Setting up the Process to Apply Translated Metadata to Content". For v8.7+, the multiple languages needs to be setup with the metadata when it is created.

If the above steps are setup correctly and you still do not see the localized images in Workarea after XLIFF import, the API could not find your library image ( or asset) in the localized language. Library images and DMS assets are similar to HTML contents. They are assigned with language ids. For example, if you are importing an en-UK XLIFF, the metadata value needs to be found in the content language 2057.  In the sample code below, "myEnUkImage.png" is associated with content language 2057; "myEnUsImage.png is associated with content language 1033.


To confirm the target image, you should see the localized target image in its folder when you switch the language drop down in the workarea.