Integrate CMP into Microsoft Teams

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Download the Optimizely CMP for Microsoft Teams video (1:41).

The Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) integration with Microsoft Teams provides real-time alerts, notifying marketers of CMP activity directly in the Microsoft Teams interface. By connecting CMP with Microsoft Teams, you can monitor an ongoing, automated feed of alerts (such as @ mentions, asset shares, and so on), and you can click through to CMP directly from the notification.

Key benefits of using the app inside Teams include:

  • Organize notifications in your personal, dedicated Microsoft Teams app.
  • Reduce email clutter by switching off email notifications (in favor of Microsoft Teams).
  • Click-through any notification directly to the action you need to carry out.

Receive notifications in Microsoft Teams and launch into Optimizely CMP. The integration supports the following notification types:

  • An asset or folder is shared with you
  • A campaign or task is shared with you
  • A step (in a workflow) is assigned to you
  • You are @ mentioned in Optimizely CMP
  • Your step in a task became active

Configure notification settings

The Configure notification settings are for administrators to set up. After setup is completed, you can receive notifications and authenticate the Microsoft Teams app with Optimizely CMP.


  • An active Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Access to a Microsoft 365 administrator account
  • Activated Microsoft Teams for your organization
  • An active <partner/application> subscription
  1. Sign into the Microsoft Teams admin center.
    1. Go to
    2. Enter your administrator credentials.
    3. Access the Teams admin center Dashboard.


  2. Set Global app permission policies for your organization.
    1. Select the Teams apps > Permission policies.


    2. Click Global (Org-wide default).


    3. In the Third-party apps section, select Allow all apps. (You can also select Allow specific apps and block others and search for Optimizely CMP to add it to the list of approved apps.)


  3. Enable Optimizely CMP in Teams.
    1. Select Manage apps and search for Optimizely CMP.


    2. Click the check mark next to Optimizely CMP and select Allow.


    3. Click Allow to confirm access Optimizely CMP in Teams.


    4. Click Optimizely CMP to review and grant org-wide admin consent to permissions to access data and to view resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions for the application.


    5. Click Permissions, then Review permissions to launch a new window with the requested permissions. 


    6. Click Accept.
    7. If necessary, review the Settings for the application.

Receive notifications

To receive notifications, enable App notifications in the Direct Share Notifications and Assignee Notifications view. Eligible notifications are highlighted by the External column. Go to your avatar > your username > and select the Notifications tab.



Each notification type triggers a message in Microsoft Teams, each time the action becomes true.

Authenticate the Microsoft Teams app with Optimizely CMP

In Microsoft Teams, click the app logo in the sidebar. You may need to search the store for Optimizely CMP. Type signin and press enter, then click Sign in.


A list of your available accounts (instances) is displayed and you can select the ones you want to receive notifications from. To change your settings, enter signout in the app, then enter signin to launch the authentication process again.


Supported notifications

The following notifications are supported.

You cannot trigger notifications to yourself. Notifications are triggered to you when someone else carries out the action.

Notification type



Campaign/Task shared with me

Direct Share Notifications

Notifies you when a campaign/task is shared with you

Asset shared with me

Direct Share Notifications

Notifies you when an asset or folder is shared with you

Step assigned to me

Assignee Notifications: Task

Notifies you when a step on a task is assigned to you or your team

Step requires action

Assignee Notifications: Task

Notifies you when a step requires your action

Upcoming step due date

Assignee Notifications: Task

Notifies you when it is 24 hours before your step due date

Marketing work request assigned to me

Assignee Notifications: Request

Notifies you when you are assigned to a marketing work request

New comment @-mentioning me or my team

Assignee Notifications: Comment

Notifies you when you are @-mentioned in a comment

Each notification displays details with a direct link to CMP, where you can take action, as shown in the following images.