Integrate Adobe Creative Cloud

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The CMP for Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in lets you collaborate seamlessly with designers who are creating assets in Adobe apps. 

Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) users can send tasks directly to the creative team in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro, where the designers receive a notification of the assignment with the necessary information (such as description, due date, and so on). From there, the two systems are synchronized (sharing updates, comments, and edits) until the final asset is pushed to CMP for final use and distribution. 

Install the CMP for Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in

Your Adobe users must exist as CMP users with collaborator permissions or higher to fully use the integration with CMP.

Enabling the integration creates example items that let you use the integration from the start. Creative Cloud Asset Request workflow and an external system of Adobe Creative Cloud are automatically created for you.

To install the CMP for Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in:

The integration is configured after a user logs in with CMP from the plug-in.

The following example workflow lets you request creative assets from your Adobe users.

  1. Create or select a task and select the workflow Creative Cloud Asset Request.


  2. Add Brief – Supply information and tagging to your task.


  3. Create Assets – This step is sent to your creative team, letting them update statuses and upload assets they create.


  4. Review Assets – Review the uploaded assets. You can send the task back to the Create Assets step, to send feedback.


Use the CMP for Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in

After you install the CMP for Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in, go to Window > Extensions of Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop.

  1. Log in to your CMP account.

    You need the role of collaborator or better to authenticate your account.

    The following image shows the current creative requests and has My Tasks and Unassigned sections. When you assign yourself to a task, it displays in My Tasks.


  2. You can interact with tasks from the following window.


    • The description provides an overview of the request.
    • Click See Task Brief to go to the full brief within CMP.
    • Click Assign to Me to assign yourself to the task.
    • Alter the status to In progress when you begin the work.

Raise requests to Adobe users

The following workflow shows how to cover the use of creative work.

  1. Create a task with the Creative Cloud Asset Request workflow.
  2. After adding your brief and tagging, edit the Create Assets step description and add your instructions for the Creative Cloud user, which are the first details a user will see. Your request is processed to Creative Cloud for a user to pick up the work.


Review creative assets

After the Creative Cloud user adds assets to your task and marks the step complete, you are notified and can access the proofing and editing screen.


  1. Proofread the asset and add any feedback.


  2. Send your step back to the Creative Cloud user.
  3. Repeat this process until the assets are complete.

Upload assets

Click New Asset to upload assets from your file system to CMP. 

After you upload your assets, you can change the status to Complete, which removes the task from your task list.

Review feedback and upload drafts

If the reviewer sends you feedback on the task, it will again display in your task list with the status of Changes Requested.

To review feedback and respond to comments, hover over the asset and click Preview. This displays a proofing window in CMP, allowing you to annotate the asset with the associated feedback.


After you deal with the feedback, you can upload an asset from your active window by hovering over the thumbnail and clicking New Draft. You can now change the task status to Complete.


Add creative requests to your existing workflows

With the following steps, you can add creative request steps for Creative Cloud users to your existing workflow. 

  1. Edit your workflows and find the part where you want to request a creative to build some assets.


  2. Click Add external step and select Adobe Creative Cloud as the external system. This step is the communication step, so you should add a description for your users to make them aware that they need to edit the description within your tasks to instruct Adobe users.
  3. You should insert a standard step immediately after this to review and send feedback to your creative team.