Integrate LinkrUI for Creative Cloud

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View LinkrUI assets

The LinkrUI panel displays only assets supported by the application running LinkrUI. If a specific file type is supported by the DAM but not supported by the application running LinkrUI, it is filtered out from LinkrUI. For example, Ai, Ps, Pr, and Ae applications (neither open nor place) do not support Indd file types, so you will not see them.

The view buttons are at the bottom right of the panel.

  • LinkrUI-icon-thumbnail-assets.png – Thumbnail view displays by default. You can see an asset preview, asset name, and asset status (icon). Hovering over the asset's thumbnail displays the file type and actions menu button.
  • LinkrUI-icon-list-assets.png – List view optimizes space and consolidates important asset information – including small previews, names, file types, and status icons.
  • LinkrUI-icon-search.png – Used with Thumbnail or List view, click to display or close details of a selected asset.


Search and filter LinkrUI assets

You can search within a view or a collection by entering text in the search bar. The LinkrUI search results are identical to the displayed search results in the selected DAM.


You can refine your selection of assets and filter for the asset you need by type. Click the filter button at the top right side of the LinkrUI panel to filter assets. Select the file types you want to find and click Show Results.


Upload assets

You can upload assets from your local file system into the DAM library. To upload a file, open the option menu (LinkrUI-option-menu.png) and select the Upload New Asset option.

On the Upload New Asset page, you can:

  • Give the file a name that is different from the original file name.
  • Specify the destination Folder in which to upload the assets (DAM-specific)


After you set the fields, click Upload. You can close the Uploads window to continue working with LinkrUI while uploading assets. To track the upload progress, open the option menu and select Uploads.

Asset status icons in the LinkrUI panel

The following list describes status icons and symbols for assets in the LinkrUI panel.

  • LinkrUI-icon-cloud.png Cloud – Your asset is only in the DAM cloud.
  • LinkrUI-icon-local.png Local – Your asset is local. When you open or place an asset, CMP copies a version to the local device. The asset icon changes from Cloud to Local when the download finishes.
  • LinkrUI-icon-problematic.png Problematic – A problem was detected when you tried to open or place the asset due to permissions issues or asset corruption.
  • LinkrUI-icon-conflict.png Conflict – Your local asset has a conflict because of the following possible reasons:
    • Your local asset version is newer.
    • The DAM asset version is newer.
    • There is a conflict between your local asset version and the DAM version (the asset was modified locally and in DAM).
    If you hover over the Conflict icon, a tooltip displays the reason for the conflict.
  • LinkrUI-icon-in-progress.pngIn progress: Your asset is opening, placing, updating, resetting, or purging (depending on the action selected).

LinkrUI asset actions

You can perform the following actions to DAM assets:

  • Open – Open assets in the DAM and enter them into Adobe applications. It downloads a copy of the DAM version to the local device and then changes the status from Cloud to Local
    The Open option is available only in the asset action menu list if supported by the application running LUI.
  • Place – Place assets that are in the DAM into Adobe applications. It downloads a copy of the DAM version to the local device and then changes from Cloud to Local.
  • Update –  Update and sync your local asset changes into the DAM. When you save your local changes, the status changes from Local to Conflict, and an Update option becomes available in the asset action menu list.
    The Update option only becomes available in the asset actions menu list after saving local changes.
  • Purge – Removes the local asset copy from the local device and makes the asset Cloud-only. It does not affect the assets saved to the DAM.
    The Purge option is available only in the asset actions menu list for assets with a Local status.
  • Reset – Deletes the local asset copy from the local device and re-downloads the current asset version from the DAM.
    The Reset option is available only in the asset actions menu list for assets with Conflict status.

Set preferences

To set Preferences, open the options menu (≡) in the upper right and select Preferences. Preferences include the following:

  • Asset size – Thumbnails are 120 pixels by default, but you can change the default size of asset thumbnails by dragging the slider.


  • Search – Select Global or Content sensitive.


    This feature is only visible for hierarchical DAMs and only affects search when viewing a grid.
    • Context sensitive – Search results are from the current selected folder and subfolders. When you select a folder and search, results display only from that folder and its subfolders.


    • Global – Search in the current selected view or collection. When you are in a folder, and Global is selected, the search returns results from the view or collection, even in the parent folders "above" the selected folder.


  • Local asset cache purge interval –  Set to Never by default. Purging assets removes the local copy of your asset. It does not affect the assets saved to the DAM.


  • Local asset cache folder – By default, LinkrUI Local Asset Cache Folder is stored at C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents. You can select another location for the LinkrUI cache folder by clicking Choose. You can also force clear the asset cache folder. The assets cached resources are immediately removed from your local device when you click Clear Cache. If there are open assets, a dialog box displays a list of assets that were not cleared.
    Clear cache only clears away assets that are not open (in any app).


  • Link updates – enables bi-directional synchronizing between DAM and InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator.


    • Auto Update – Updates a changed open or placed asset without notifying the user. 
    • Prompt – When a placed asset is updated, you can override your local copy with the DAM copy or keep your local version. "<fileName> was updated. Do you want to relink to the new version?"
    • Do nothing – Leaves the placed asset as-is, although the placed asset was updated in the DAM.