Integrate Smart-Linkr for Creative Cloud

  • Updated

Only InDesign and Illustrator documents support this article's LinkrUI features and require a LinkrUI Premium license.


  • Multiple link selection is not supported.
  • Illustrator: Missing links are indicated in the LinkrUI dialog as "Unknown" instead of the name of the link.

Click Links (icon) to open the Links window.


If your document has links needing attention, a number badge displays over the Link button. Hover over the numbers to display the following information.

  • The badge on the left shows the number of links missing from your local device.
  • The badge on the right shows the number of links missing from the Cloud.


The Links window displays local files and cloud assets in your Adobe documents. You can re-link, upload, and update local links to the Cloud.


  1. Download Links (toggle) – Enable downloading links.
  2. Link Status icons – Indicates the status of the link. 

    Valid and Cloud – The file is linked to a cloud asset and is available locally.


    Valid and Local – The file is linked to a local file and unavailable in the Cloud.


    Missing but in Cloud – The file is a cloud asset that exists in the Cloud but is missing from the local device. (The image exists in the DAM but is locally missing.)


    Conflict – Conflict occurs when:

    • Linked file is missing from local and the Cloud.
    • Local link version is newer than the version in the Cloud.
    • Cloud link version is newer.
    • Local linked asset version and the DAM version were each modified.

    Hover over the Conflict icon to display the reason for the conflict.


    Embedded – Link is embedded.


    Modified – The version of the file on disk is more recent than the version in your document, which can happen if you import a Photoshop graphic into InDesign, and then you or someone else edits and saves the original graphic in Photoshop.

  3. Link Name and Location in the Document – Clicking a link takes you to that image in the document. The page number appears in brackets ().
  4. Link Path – Hovering over a link displays a tooltip of the full file path.
  5. Link Action Buttons – Actions you can perform on a link. (Actions depend on the link status).

    You can do the following to individual links:

    • Upload–— After the local link is uploaded, LinkrUI relinks it with the cloud asset in your InDesign document, and the link's status becomes Cloud.
    • Relink to Cloud – Lets you relink any link in the LinkrUI dialog to a cloud asset. If LinkrUI finds results in the Cloud corresponding to the link's name, it shows them in a dialog box with the best guess of the assets to relink to.
      If the search results do not include the asset you expected, click Search in Panel to search for other assets. Select Place from the asset actions menu list when you find the desired asset. The selected asset replaces and relinks the link.

      If LinkrUI finds no cloud asset corresponding to the link's name, the message "No results were found" is displayed.

    • Relink to local – Select the link in the Links dialog, and click Relink to Local. In the dialog box, locate and double-click the new source file.
    • Unembed – To unembed a linked file, click Unembed.


    • Sync – To update modified links, click Sync (icon) next to a link marked with the modified link icon. 
  6. Apply Actions to all links.

    You can do the following to all links:

    • Upload all – After the local links are uploaded, LinkrUI relinks the links with the cloud assets in your InDesign document, and the status of the links becomes Cloud.
    • Relink all to cloud – To approve or cancel all, click Approve all/Cancel all.


    • Relink all to local – Click Relink all to local. In the dialog box that displays, select a folder where you want LinkrUI to search for links. If the targeted selected folder contains the corresponding file name, LinkrUI replaces the links.
    • Sync all – To update all modified links, click Sync all (icon).