Integrate LinkrUI for Microsoft Office

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View LinkrUI assets

You can view your assets in thumbnail and list view. The view buttons are located at the bottom right side of the panel.

Only assets that are supported by the application running LinkrUI are displayed in the LinkrUI panel.

If a specific file type is supported by the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) library but not supported by the application running LinkrUI, it is not displayed.

Thumbnail view

By default, LinkrUI displays assets in thumbnail view, creating a visually intuitive approach to content discovery. On the thumbnail, you can see an asset preview and asset name. Hovering over the asset's thumbnail, displays the file type and offers an actions menu button.



List view

List view optimizes space and consolidates important asset information - including small previews, names and file types - at a glance.



Details view

View Asset Details displays an additional view section with the details of an asset.

To open and close the Details section, click View Asset Details. It is available in thumbnail and list views.



Actions menu

The Actions menu gives you the following options:


  • Place – Use the  selected asset as an item in the document or deck in which you are working.
  • Open – Open the document or deck as its own file.
  • New Version – Replace the CMP Digital Asset Manager (DAM) version with the currently active document or deck. 


You can search your assets based on a search term. When you enter a search term, LinkrUI sends the search request to the DAM and retrieves the DAM search results back to LinkrUI. Use the search bar on the top of the panel to find assets.

Search results displayed in LinkrUI are identical to search results displayed in the CMP DAM.



You can refine your selection of assets and filter for the asset you need by type. Click the filter button.



Upload assets

You can upload new assets from your local file system directly into the DAM. To upload a file, open the menu and select Upload New Asset.


On the Upload New Asset page, you can:

  • Give the file a name that is different from the original file name.
  • Specify the destination folder in which to upload the assets. (DAM specific)


When fields are set, click UploadUpload Progress page is displayed

You can close the Uploads window to continue working with LinkrUI while assets are uploading. To track the upload progress, click the menu and select the Uploads option.