Enable one-page checkout

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One-page checkout in Optimizely Configured Commerce provides a smoother checkout experience for customers. They can easily access and edit items in their cart anytime during the checkout process and view cart items across multiple devices when logged in. One-page checkout also has a minimal design for fewer distractions.

One page checkout.png

One-page checkout also supports Order Approval and Request for Quote (RFQ). For a buyer, the payments section is hidden. Once their shipping information is correct, they see Submit for Approval. The checkout then redirects to the Order Approval Details page. An approver can also approve an order through one-page checkout.

As an addition to one-page checkout, Optimizely recommends enabling the Sign In, Store Pickup, and Address Book overlays. These overlays let customers manage the entire checkout from one page, without being redirected if they need to update the pickup location, billing address, or shipping address. If you choose not to enable the Address Book overlay, the address book instead opens in a modal.

Enable one-page checkout

  1. Log in to the Admin Console.
  2. Go to SettingsOrder Management > Checkout.
  3. Toggle One Page Checkout to Yes. When enabled, the website uses checkout pages for a more streamlined checkout experience. This setting is website-specific.

If an unauthenticated guest starts the checkout process, one-page checkout automatically directs them to the guest checkout experience.

Currently, there is one limitation:
  • This flow only supports Purchase Order and Credit Cards through TokenEx as payment methods. Additional payment methods will be released in the near future.


One-page checkout uses the following widgets: