Cart status label definitions

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The Cart status is used to quickly identify which stage of the shopping process the cart has reached. The following table contains a list of the status labels that can be assigned to a cart and what that status means.

Status Definition
AbandonedCartStatus A cart with items in it when the shopper who selected those items left the website without saving the cart or checking out.
SubmittedStatus A cart that has been submitted to the website and recorded in the eCommerce database as an order. The order has not yet been submitted to the ERP in an integrated site.
SavedStatus A cart that has been saved by the shopper before checking out. The shopper can leave the website and return later to open the saved cart and continue shopping with it.
CompleteStatus An order that has been submitted, fulfilled, shipped and paid for.
ReadyForPickupStatus A cart that is ready for the shopper to pick it up at a designated location.
PunchOutStatus This is the status of a cart/order that has been submitted to a procurement application via punchout. It has not been returned to Configured Commerce to be converted into a real order.
PunchOutOrderRequestStatus Identifies a PunchOut order that is awaiting approval from the customer's ERP.
AwaitingApprovalStatus A shopping cart that has been submitted to the ERP and is waiting for approval through the established ERP approval process.
RequisitionSubmittedStatus A shopping cart that was used to place a requisition, and had order lines added to the aggregate requisition order.

This is the status of the order that is used as the aggregate bucket for all orders that are submitted for requisitions.


How this status shows: If a user signs in with a cart and does not check out then, later or at the same time in a different browser, a user builds a cart anonymously and then signs in as that same user, it will void the original cart.