Integrate LinkedIn Lead Gen

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The LinkedIn Lead Gen app in Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) lets you sync your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms submissions to ODP to generate and manage leads using ODP segmentation and activations. Link your LinkedIn Ads account to ODP with a few clicks, use the in-line field mapping feature to map LinkedIn fields to ODP customer fields, and connect your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to ODP lists (optional).


  • Access to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • ODP account
  • Must have the Super admin or Lead gen forms manager role on your LinkedIn Company page

Enable the integration

  1. In ODP, go to the App Directory.
  2. Select the LinkedIn Lead Gen app.
  3. Click Install App.
  4. On the Settings tab, click Authorize, and follow the prompts to authorize the connection between your LinkedIn and ODP accounts. After you authorize the connection, your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms display in the Lead Forms section of the application in ODP.
    These forms are not yet mapped to fields in ODP, so to begin syncing the customer data that these forms collect from LinkedIn to ODP, you must configure the field mappings as described below.
  5. For each form that you want to sync, in the Lead Forms section of the application in ODP, select the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form that you want to configure from the Configure Lead Form drop-down list.
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • Form Name – Automatically populates the name of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form you selected.
    • List Subscription – (Optional) Select the ODP list to which you want to subscribe customers who submit this form.
    • Question – Select the field from the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form that you want to collect in ODP.
    • Customer Field – Select the ODP field to which you want to sync the previously selected LinkedIn Lead Gen Form field.
  7. Each mapping adds a row to the table, displaying how the LinkedIn form fields are connected to ODP.
  8. Click Done. Anytime a customer submits one of the LinkedIn forms you connected, the data automatically syncs to ODP.

Example form mapping

If you have the following LinkedIn Lead Gen Form, named Test 3, that collects email address, first name, and last name:

And you want to sync the customer data this form collects to ODP, and subscribe customers that submit this form to your ODP newsletter list, configure the integration as follows:

  1. Ensure you have authenticated the LinkedIn Lead Gen integration in ODP.
  2. On the Settings tab of the LinkedIn Lead Gen application in ODP, expand the Lead Forms section.
  3. Expand Configure Lead Form and select Test 3.
  4. Expand List Subscription and select Newsletter.
  5. To map the email address field:
    • Question – Select Email address.
    • Customer Field – Select Last Seen Email.
  6. To map the first name field:
    • Question – Select First name.
    • Customer Field – Select First Name.
  7. To map the last name field:
    • Question – Select Last name.
    • Customer Field – Select Last Name.
  8. Click Done. Your mapped fields and list subscription display in the table that lists your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Test the integration

After you authenticate the integration and configure your field mappings, you can verify that the data is sending to ODP as expected by doing the following:

  1. In ODP, go to Account Settings > Event Inspector.
  2. Click Start Inspector.
  3. In LinkedIn, send a test lead for the form you want to test. For help with this, see Send a Test Lead in Campaign Manager on LinkedIn.
  4. After you submit the test lead in LinkedIn, go back to the ODP Event Inspector.
  5. When the event inspector processes data, it will display a number next to Refresh, at which point you can click Refresh to view the data.
  6. The raw data that ODP imports from LinkedIn displays.
For help with using the ODP Event Inspector, see Inspect events.