Removing eSync security certificates

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In some cases before you create new certificates you should remove the old ones. Steps 1 - 4 show how to delete remote certs and steps 5 onward show how to remove and regenerate the local certificates.

Removing, regenerating, and copying certificates between servers is often necessary after upgrades or server moves. For regenerating and copying certificates, please see the following documentation. 

Synchronizing Servers Using eSync > Managing eSync Security Certificates > Regenerating security certificates

  1. Run the following utility
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v92\Utilities\SecurityConfig\SecurityConfigurator\SecurityConfigurator.exe
  2. Click manage certs.
  3. Click on the remote server's certificate(you cannot delete local certificates). 
  4. Click remove.

    If you are deleting the local certificates continue.

    Regardless of what site you choose it will remove the shared server security certificates so sync will not work until certificates are regenerated for all the Ektron sites. 
  5. Check Discard Existing Keys in the security configurator.
  6. Click the site name drop down and select all. 
  7. Follow the steps in the documentation to regenerate and exchange certificates between servers.