Regular Expression - Basic guide

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Regular Expression (RegEx) is very important for us in our technical life. As a Managed Services engineer, there may be some time you need to write a regular expression for example: for some kinds of complex redirection rules in F5's iRule or IIS's Web.config.


RegEx is not an easy stuff, and you should not over-utilize it for a simple/easy task. However, using RegEx with care can help you to make your work more effective.


I just write a short note for myself of several very basic RegEx patterns, and I hope that it can help someone in some case :-)


Note: some patterns may be inapplicable to your case due to the difference of the RegEx engine implementations. However, their nature is still the same, you can modify them a little bit to adapt to your RegEx implementation.


Please report back to me if you find anything that is suspected wrong so that I can make a correction