Integrate Klevu

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This integration lets you make your search data actionable and useful. Klevu captures keywords that your site visitors search, and Optimizely Data Platform’s (ODP's) integration lets you synchronize those keywords and use them in campaigns. You can also launch ODP’s Search Abandonment recipe to follow-up with shoppers who searched for products but did not complete a purchase.

The values and benefits of integrating Klevu are:

  • Improve your conversion rates by re-engaging your visitors who searched but did not purchase.
    • Send reminder emails to visitors that they searched for specific products
  • Make more relevant product recommendations to shoppers based on the products they searched


  • Subscription to Klevu

Configure Klevu

  1. Enable Klevu by going to ODP's App Directory > Klevu > Install App
  2. Under Settings, enter the Search Sub Domain and JS API Key for authorization. You can find these in Klevu.


  3. In ODP, use Test search term to verify that the authentication worked. ODP will return a product name containing the search term you used if the app is syncing correctly.


After configuring the app, you can use the new Liquid function for Klevu search terms in your content by calling: <term>)