Integrate Zendesk

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The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) integration with Zendesk sends your customer engagement data, including support tickets and satisfaction surveys, to ODP for additional segmentation and personalization options within ODP campaigns. 

Available data:

  • Customer Data – Customers from Zendesk, including attributes such as the name, email, organization of user, user time zone, and language associated with the customer.
  • Tickets Data – The ticket activity and attributes, including whether a ticket was opened/closed and information about the ticket such as type, status, priority, and agent.
  • Satisfaction Data – The reason, rating, agent, score, and comment for a ticket's satisfaction information. This data appears in ODP connected to a Support Satisfaction event type.

Configure Zendesk

  1. In your Zendesk account, go to Settings  > API > Password Access.
  2. Toggle the Password Access setting to Enabled.


  3. In your ODP account, go to Account Settings > Integrations.
  4. Locate the Zendesk card and enter your credentials.


  5. Click Save to start importing your customers, satisfaction ratings, and tickets. This process could take hours, depending on the number of tickets and customers you have. After the initial import is completed, Zendesk sends information to ODP every 15 minutes.