Integrate Privy

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The integration sends your Privy customer data to Optimizely Data Platform (ODP). 

When a contact signs up in Privy, the integration displays their email, first name, and last name in ODP. To sync additional fields, add a field in your Privy form that matches the field in ODP, such as phone, street 1, city, zip, and so on.

Configure Privy

  1. In ODP, go to Account Settings > Integrations.
  2. Copy your account's Tracker ID.


  3. In Privy go to Account > Integrations.
  4. Click Zaius in Linked Accounts
  5. Enter your Email Address and the Tracker ID retrieved from ODP earlier, then click Link Account.

  6. Configure an automation rule to sync from Privy to ODP by clicking Campaigns.

  7. Click on a campaign and go to Automation.

  8. Click New Rule and configure what should happen to a contact when they sign up for this Privy campaign, then click Save

    Congratulations, you set up your ODP email synchronization!