Check that the snippet is implemented

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This topic describes how to:

  • Check that the snippet is implemented on your site

Here is how to double-check that the snippet is implemented on your page correctly.

1. Find the snippet on the page

First, check that the snippet is implemented on the page. You can do this by typing 'optimizely' into the JavaScript console. This example uses Google Chrome, which we recommend for troubleshooting and QA.

  1. Open the developer console.

  2. Click Console, then enter "Optimizely" into Search.


  3. If the snippet is implemented, you will see it in the following format:

    <script src="//"></script>

If the snippet is not on the page, here is how to implement the snippet. If it is, use the next step that it is the correct snippet.

2. Check that it is the correct snippet

Once you find the snippet on your page, make sure that the snippet on the page matches the project that you are working with.

Here is how to check: 


  1. In your project, navigate to Settings Implementation.

  2. Check that ID on your page matches the snippet on your Snippet Implementation page. In the example above, the snippet ID is "123456789" matches the ID on the page, so you know the right snippet is implemented.

    If your account uses custom snippets, you might see more than one snippet listed. In this case, choose the snippet you are using for your experiment.