Check that the snippet is up to date

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Every time you make a change to an experiment that gets saved to the snippet, the snippet revision number automatically increments. If you need to test because something you changed is not showing on the page, you can use your browser's developer console to check whether the latest snippet was updated to the content delivery network (CDN) yet.

  1. Open the developer console.
  2. Filter for messages labeled verifier.
  3. While the CDN is updating, the verifier will log messages that look like this:
    [VERIFIER] Verifying CDN revision for projectId (attempt [#]): [#1] <  [#2]
    • [#1] is the CDN's current snippet revision number
    • [#2] is the latest snippet revision number (the one you are waiting for)

    You also see a message like this:

    [VERIFIER] CDN up to date for projectId ... at revision [#]

    [#] is the CDN's current snippet revision number.

    In the following example, the CDN is not yet updated. The current snippet revision number is 246, and the revision number we're waiting for is 247:

  4. When the CDN is up-to-date with the latest snippet, the revision number in this message:
    [VERIFIER] CDN up to date for projectId ... at revision [#]

    ...should match the revision number you are waiting for (the latest snippet revision number).