Get started with Configured Commerce

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Ready to get started with Optimizely Configured Commerce? Here are the steps you should follow to get the best head start on your implementation:

  1. Click the Optimizely icon in the lower right-hand corner and select the I'm New Here! section. Complete the 10 onboarding walkthroughs as a quick overview to get you familiar with the system.
  2. After you have access to Optimizely Academy, sign in and complete your assigned training path. You do not need to complete these all at one time; feel free to take them in the order that makes sense for your implementation. Enroll in additional training paths or search for specific topics as desired.
  3. Review the Configured Commerce Get started documentation or search for a topic that interests you.

After completing these steps, check in with your partner on what makes the most sense to do next in Configured Commerce based on your implementation project.

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