Acquire a new cloud project

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The article describes the steps to take to acquire a new cloud project, for example if you change implementation partners. This includes cloning the existing git repository to your implementation team repository and submitting a request to change the Optimizely Configured Commerce theme source.

  1. New implementation team creates a new repo in GitHub for the cloud project.
  2. New implementation team gives read access to the insite-teamcity-build user to pull the Extensions.dll and for the site to access the theme source.
  3. New implementation team clones the current repository locally.
  4. New implementation team updates the git remote in the cloned project (#2) pointing at the new repo (#1)
  5. New implementation team pushes each branch (master, sandbox, production) from the cloned repo (#2) to the new repo (#1). At this point, the project is configured like a new cloud project, and can be submitted to our support team via a Configured Commerce Request ticket to update the environment to the new repo location.
  6. Configured Commerce Updates the GitHub URLs for the Extensions.dll scanning jobs.
  7. Optimizely redeploys the sandbox and production sites to configure the default system theme source.
Note: The customer should initiate this process and confirm that they agree to this change.