Paypal connectors

  • Updated

The Optimizely Configured Commerce engineering team is releasing an integration to Spreedly, a global payments ecosystem, in December 2023. All new payment implementations are expected to use the Spreedly integration to facilitate payment processing. Optimizely will not make any feature enhancements to old payment connectors.

Paypal is a payment service you can configure and customers can use when completing orders in Optimizely Configured Commerce. You typically enable this at the Global level, but you can also enable it for a specific subsite, if desired.

Application settings

The following settings are used to configure PayPal as a payment service in Configured Commerce.

Name Value

Show PayPal

Set Show PayPal to Yes or No

Default value: No. If Yes, PayPal will be available on the Review and Pay page.

This needs to be selected first in order to expose the other PayPal-related settings.

Live Default value: No. If Yes, the live URL will be used for transactions and charges will be processed. Set to 'No' to have transactions use the PayPal sandbox URL for testing.
Live URL The Live URL used for PayPal transactions.
Sandbox URL The Sandbox URL for testing PayPal transactions.
Username The Username of the API Credentials of the seller's PayPal account.
Password The Password of the API Credentials of the seller's PayPal account.
Signature The Signature of the API Credentials of the seller's PayPal account.
Host Company Name Host company name for PayPal transactions.

Configured Commerce does NOT store sensitive credit card or profile information.

Set up PayPal for a specific site

  1. Search for Show PayPal setting.
  2. Set the Show PayPal setting to Yes at the Global level.
  3. Fill-in the PayPal fields as indicated in the tooltips.
  4. Set the Live field for PayPal to Yes.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Select a specific site to adjust its PayPal settings.
  7. Set the Show PayPal setting to Yes. The rest of the PayPal field values display based on the Global values.
  8. Click Save.