Configure the test (dummy) eCheck gateway as the payment gateway

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The Test or "Dummy" eCheck payment gateway lets you test placing orders on the Optimizely Configured Commerce website without using the eCheck payment plugin.

Using the Dummy gateway does not involve capturing of any funds. Therefore, make sure to use the Dummy gateway only on test sites or during implementation.

Set up a website to use the eCheck dummy gateway

To configure a website to use the eCheck Dummy gateway, first make sure to set up eCheck payment preferences. Once those settings are in place, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Search for and select eCheck Payment Gateway.
  3. Select DummyECheck from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Save .

The site will restart, after which the eCheck Dummy gateway plugin will load.

Verify this by clicking Debug, selecting Plugin Information, locating the Insite.Core.Plugins.PaymentGateway.IECheckPaymentGateway Service within the list and then checking which Implementation is in place. It should be Insite.Plugins.PaymentGateways.PaymentGatewayDummyEcheck.

The Debug tool is only available for Users assigned the ISC_System and/or ISC_Implementor roles.

Use the dummy gateway

To use the eCheck Dummy gateway, use either of the following test values on the Review and Pay page for an account number:

  • 123456789
  • 6987654321

The eCheck Dummy gateway will accept any routing number.

The site will accept any transaction using the above information. To see how the site handles invalid eCheck credentials, use an account number different from those listed above.