CardConnect connectors

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The Optimizely Configured Commerce engineering team now has an integration with Spreedly, a global payments ecosystem. The addition of Spreedly grants clients access to more payment gateway options. Clients implementing new payment gateways on their Configured Commerce storefront must select a payment gateway and a payment method that Spreedly supports.

CardConnect is is a plug-in that you can configure to process payments when completing an order on your Optimizely Configured Commerce website.

Optimizely cannot test CardConnect with TokenEx in Sandbox, so if you want to test it, submit a ticket.


  1. Go to Administration > Settings.
  2. Search for and select Payment Gateway.
  3. Select CardConnect from the Payment Gateway menu.
  4. Populate the following fields with the criteria provided via your CardConnect account.
    Field Name Description
    Merchant ID Enter the Merchant ID for the CardConnect account.
    API Username Enter the API Username for the CardConnect account.
    API Password Enter the API Password for the CardConnect account.
    Production Endpoint Enter the Production Endpoint for the CardConnect account. The URL is multi-tenant, so it is going to be your company's URL, for example:
    Sandbox Endpoint Enter the Sandbox Endpoint for the CardConnect account.
    Use Payment Gateway Vault

    We are currently doing the following mappings to support all values CardConnect needs for submitting transactions against saved profiles (from the ERP, in most instances):

    CardConnect profileID : Configured Commerce Transaction gatewayProfileId
    CardConnect acctid : Configured Commerce Transaction token2
    CardConnect token : Configured Commerce Transaction bankCode

    Test Mode If Yes, CardConnect will be in test mode and no actual transactions will take place. Default value: On.

Configured Commerce does not store sensitive credit card or profile information.