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Optimizely Customized Commerce payments include payment types, payment gateways, and payment methods.

  • Payment type – The properties for a particular payment type. For example, a credit card payment type contains credit card number, card expiration date, and card type. Customized Commerce provides the following payment types by default:
    • Payment by phone
    • Exchange payment
    • Credit card payment
    • Other Payment

    You can add additional payment providers in Customized Commerce.

  • Payment gateway – An interface for payment processing. The payment gateway receives the payment type and executes the payment transaction with the payment system (such as PayPal). Each payment gateway has one payment type.
  • Payment method – Information about the way the customer views a payment option and has a payment gateway associated with it.

You can provide customers on the website with multiple payment options. You can customize and apply payment methods for specific markets.

Go to Administration > Payments. The overview lists existing payments by language (a payment has to be assigned to a language that is valid for the website).


Create and edit a payment

  1. Go to Administration Payments.
  2. Click Create to add a new payment, or select More Options > Edit to modify an existing one.
  3. Enter values in the Details tab as described below. Click Save when done:
    • Name – The payment name as displayed to the user.
    • System Keyword – A unique name for each gateway instance; non-unique keywords do not save to the database. You cannot edit the keyword later.
    • Description – A description displayed to the user.
    • Sort Order – A number to order the payment method in the list of payment.
    • Language – A language for the payment gateway.
    • Class Name – The gateway class name associated with the payment.
    • Payment Class – The gateway payment name associated with the payment.
    • IsActive – The setting to activate or deactivate the payment method.
    • IsDefault – The setting to make this payment method the default.
    • Supports Recurring – Select Yes to support recurring payment, such as a subscription.
    • Restricted Shipping Methods – Excluded shipping methods for the payment.
  4. Go to the Parameters tab and click Add Parameter. Click Save.
  5. Go to the Markets tab and select the markets that can use the payment method. Click Save. See Markets.

A payment only appears in the list of available payments when you have assigned it to the market, a valid market language, and a valid site language.

Delete payment methods

Go to More Options Delete on the Payments page to delete a payment. Click OK to confirm. You can also delete multiple payments by selecting the payments, clicking Delete Selected, and clicking OK to confirm.