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A warehouse is the physical inventory location with an address from where product items are shipped or picked up by customers. As an ecommerce manager in an organization with many fulfillment centers, you can define and manage physical store locations, multiple stock locations, stock figures for a product variant (SKU) by warehouse, and total product availability among warehouses.

You can set up each warehouse differently and integrate them with external systems. You can check in-store stock, reserve and pick up in-store, and deliver to store. By default, you specify the warehouse that has the item when you create a product variant in Customized Commerce.

Create a warehouse

  1. Go to AdministrationWarehouses.
  2. Click Create to add a new warehouse.
  3. Enter information for the Overview tab:
    • Name – Enter the name of the warehouse.
    • Code – Enter the location code for the warehouse.
    • Sort Order – Sort order for the category entry.
    • Available – Select Yes to make the warehouse available; otherwise No.
    • Is Primary – Select Yes to make this a primary warehouse; otherwise No.
    • Is Fulfillment Center – Select Yes to make this a fulfillment center where you can place orders for outgoing shipments; otherwise No.
    • Is Pickup Location – Select Yes to make this a pickup location where you can place orders for in-store pickups; otherwise No.
    • Is Delivery Location – Select Yes to make this a delivery location that you can use for future in-store pickups; otherwise No.
  4. Enter information in the Address tab.
  5. Click Save.

Delete and edit warehouses

Select More Options Edit to modify an existing one.

Select More Options Delete to delete a warehouse. Click OK to confirm.