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This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Microsoft Dynamics.

This topic describes how to install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, if you are using this with Optimizely Campaign.

Installing the software package

  1. Install the software package you received from customer support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with administrator rights.
  3. Open the settings and click Solutions in the Customization menu.

    Image: Select Solutions

  4. Click Import and select the file to upload.

    Image: Import

  5. Select the compressed software package ZIP file and click Next. When uploaded, package information including name, publisher, and type is displayed.

    Image: Select Zip file

  6. Click Next.
  7. Select Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution.

    Image: Enable SDK message

  8. Click Import. When completed you can download the log files. The CRM settings now has an additional Episerver Campaign area.

    Image: Episerver Campaign area added


The integration provides two CRM roles:

  • Episerver Campaign Administrator. For administering the integration and modifying settings.
  • Episerver Campaign User. For working with campaigns via Optimizely Campaign.

Installing updates

The difference compared to an initial installation is that you will be notified that the uploaded file is an update for an installed solution. To keep your integration settings, user accounts, passwords, and response data, activate the option Maintain customizations (recommended).

Extended recipient list connector

The current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot address more than 100,000 recipients per campaign. The extended recipient list connector for Optimizely Campaign is an external Windows service that removes the technical limitation and controls campaigns and the transmission of marketing lists with more than 100,000 recipients. See Extended recipient list connector.

Multi client setup

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration allows you store up to three Optimizely Campaign clients in one organization. A reverse mapping from multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizations to one Optimizely Campaign client is not possible.