Copying marketing lists

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This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Microsoft Dynamics.

With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration you can copy contacts and leads from a marketing list to an Optimizely Campaign recipient list on a daily or weekly basis. You can then use this data to send welcome or birthday mailings in a Marketing Automation campaign.

The copying is one-way from CRM to Optimizely Campaign. Unsubscribes and outbounces are updated back into CRM. Other data will not be updated in CRM if changed in Optimizely Campaign.


To configure a corresponding recipient list in the relevant client, contact customer support. Furthermore, you must configure the marketing list for the copying process and start the workflow for automatic copying.

The recipient list format is the same as for campaign management. If you need additional fields in your recipient list, contact customer support before configuring copying of marketing lists.

Configuring the marketing list for the copying process

After the recipient list is configured, do the following:

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM and select Marketing > Marketing Lists.

    Image: Marketing Lists

  2. Select the marketing list to synchronize and click Edit.

    Image: Edit Marketing list

  3. Click Yes in the field next to the Episerver Campaign Recipient list.

    Image: Select Yes for recipient list

    Click Yes in the field next to Transmission active.

    Image: Select Yes to activate transmission

    Transmission active must be set to Yes for the copying to start. If needed, you can disable the copying later by setting the field to No, without losing the configuration.

  4. Under Advertising Consent, select the marketing permission to be used as criterion when selecting contacts and leads to transfer. Click the magnifying glass symbol in the field and select the relevant marketing permission.

    Image: Select marketing permission

  5. In the Recipient List ID box, enter the ID of the Optimizely Campaign recipient list into which the marketing list is to be copied.

    Image: Enter ID

    To see the recipient list ID, open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select Administration > API overviewRecipient lists.

  6. Under Interval, select the time interval for the copying (daily or weekly) by clicking in the field.

    Image: Select interval

  7. When done, click the disc symbol at the bottom right to save.

If the copying process is running successfully, the Transmission Status field will show Running. If there is an error, the status field will show Error. See Maintenance and Troubleshooting) for error messages.

Starting and monitoring copying workflows

Starting the workflow

  1. Click Run Workflow in the campaign activity screen in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Image: Run Workflow

  2. Select Episerver: Send marketing list to Episerver Campaign and click Add.

    Image: Add marketing list

Monitoring workflow activity

You can view the current status of the workflow at any time under Settings > System > System Jobs.

If the workflow fails, the time for Nächste Übertragung (Next Transmission) is automatically changed to the next day or week. To export the marketing list before the next automatic export after resolving the error, click in the field next to Nächste Übertragung (Next Transmission) and select the date and time.

Image: Monitor workflow