Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

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This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Microsoft Dynamics.

With the integration you can send campaigns from Microsoft Dynamics CRM via Optimizely Campaign. Send large information volumes securely via print, email and SMS. Add contacts and leads to a campaign, and use contact data for automatic personalized mailings in Optimizely Campaign.

Start campaign mailings in Microsoft Dynamics, and receive reports with sent and returned response data (opens, clicks, direct replies, outbounces and unsubscribes).

You can copy CRM marketing lists into Optimizely Campaign recipient lists, and automatically include new CRM contacts in a Marketing Automation campaign to for example send welcome and birthday mailings.

Features and supported versions

Feature Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
Optimizely Campaign management
Transfer of recipient data
Copy marketing lists into Optimizely Campaign
Transfer of response data
Synchronize unsubscribes and outbounces

Microsoft's Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 ended on January 14, 2020.


To set up the Microsoft Dynamics integration, contact customer support.

Provide Optimizely with the following information:

  • Your SOAP API user name in Optimizely Campaign. If you do not have a SOAP API user account, contact customer support. Use a separate email address that is not used for logging into Optimizely Campaign.
  • Any additional CRM data in addition to the standard data you want to be transferred to the Optimizely Campaign recipient list. See Configuring additional fields for the recipient list.
  • The client IDs for the integration. To see the client ID, open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select Administration > API OverviewREST API.
  • The IDs of the corresponding recipient lists, if you want to synchronize marketing lists with Optimizely Campaign. Alternatively, customer support can create new recipient lists. To find recipient list IDs, open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select Administration > API overview > Recipient lists.

See Troubleshooting and maintenance if there are issues with the integration.

These instructions apply to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 online version. Procedures are similar for on-premises versions.