Loading and editing product data

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After product data is made available as XML files in your webspace or on your server, and customer support has stored your data source in your client, you can load product data into the Template Kit. After the import is complete, you can edit the data in the Template Kit using the content interface.

Loading product data

  1. In the Template Kit, click New: Content Paragraph.

    Image: New content paragraph

  2. Click Product.

    Image: Product paragraph type

  3. In the configuration window, change no settings and click Apply. The new product paragraph appears on the left, in the preview window.
  4. In the menu bar of the new product paragraph, click Content Interface /download/attachments/42078628/Icon%20CS.png?version=1&modificationDate=1495120697000&api=v2.
  5. In the Content element box, enter the ID of the product offer that you want to load into the Template Kit.
  6. On the bottom right of the window, click Apply. When the import is completed, the product offer appears on the left of the preview window.

Editing product data

If product offers were loaded from your webspace or server via the content interface into the Template Kit, you can edit them there. The steps for doing this are the same as those processing product paragraphs needing an extension through the content interface. See Product paragraph.

If you use product paragraphs with an extension through the content interface, you should make changes to product offers in your system and update the product paragraphs in the Template Kit by loading the changes. This ensures that your product offers are up to date and that no outdated, modified content is loaded into the Template Kit later. To update a product paragraph, click Content interface /download/attachments/42078628/Icon%20CS.png?version=1&modificationDate=1495120697000&api=v2 in the menu bar of the product paragraph, then Apply.

The product paragraph with the content interface can be configured by customer support so that your product offers are automatically updated on the ship date. This option is useful if your products' prices often change between the time of message creation and shipping. If this option is configured for you, any changes to your product offers must be made on your system. If you only perform changes in the Template Kit, they are overwritten on the shipping date with the old content from your webspace or server.