Editing HTML layouts

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The product paragraph with the content interface provides a default layout for formatting offer text and images.

To receive an alternate layout customized to your products and services, contact customer support.

Standard layout

You can change the order of components in your product offer in the default layout. For example, you can determine whether the current price should be shown first followed by the old one, or whether the product manufacturer should appear before the product category.

To change the order of product offer components in a default layout, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Template Kit, click Settings. The settings window opens on the right.
  2. Click the Products tab.
  3. In the Order area, determine the order of product offer components by selecting from drop-down lists.

    Image: Product tab, Order area

Standard layout example

Image: Standard layout

Alternate Layout

If customer support sets up an alternate layout, product offers are formatted according to its specifications. You cannot change the order of components in an alternate layout. To change an alternate layout, contact customer support.

If an alternate layout is set up, you cannot access the default layout.

Alternate layout example

Image: Alternate layout