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This topic describes how to troubleshoot common errors that can arise while working with the product paragraph with content interface.

Issue Possible cause Solution
Product data not loading Product ID is entered incorrectly. Enter the correct product ID.
Product data not loading XML file has a file extension. Remove the file extension.
Product data not loading Corresponding product offer no longer exists on your webspace or server. Save the product offer again on your webspace or server.
Product data not loading Product data saved in wrong directory on server or webspace. Transfer the product data you are trying to load to the directory indicated when setting up the content interface.
Product data not loading Directory in which the product data is stored is not available.
  • Check whether the directory is reachable only after prior authentication and disable authentication.
  • Check whether there is a problem with your server or webspace. Try loading product data again later.
Some content not loading. For example, the product image is missing. Error in XML code you generated. Correct the XML code.
Special characters not displayed correctly, such as German umlauts. Incorrect character encoding in XML. Set encoding of XML file to UTF-8.

If the problem continues after you try all suggested solutions, contact customer support.