Introduction to Product paragraphs with content interface (legacy)

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During setup, tell customer support the directory on your web space or your server where you will store your product data. This directory must allow HTTP requests. If the product data directory is only accessible with authentication, disable the authentication. If desired, you can only allow specific IP addresses to access product data.

The product paragraph with content interface imports product data, such as offer texts and product images, from your web space or server to the Template Kit. It lets you create product offers in your merchandise management system then transfer them to the Template Kit. You can recommend products, offer discounts, provide notifications of new releases, create a new product paragraph, and import product offers with just a few clicks.

You can store product data statically as XML files on your server, have your server dynamically generate XML files as requested by the content interface. Optimizely Campaign retrieves your product data and makes it available to your messages.

The content interface paragraph is the further development of the product paragraph with content interface and supports both CSV and XML formats.

Configuring the content interface

When the feature is enabled, a new button with a folder icon  appears on the menu bar of the product paragraph.

Image: Icon for the configured content interface