Promoting on anniversaries

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Anniversaries are opportunities to contact your customers and maybe include a coupon. You can use the dates of registering with your site, newsletter signup, or a birthday, provided in an optional form field.

For example, set up a target group formatted as recipient list field: birthday: is anniversary. You may want to include a coupon in a birthday mailing. Create three mailings:

  • one with an image for men
  • one with an image for women
  • one (labeled "fallback" in the image below) with a neutral image for recipients whose gender is unknown

The following steps set up this example.

  1. Use the Advanced node as the starting node. This queries target groups at set intervals. With birthday mailings, a target group should be screened daily for has birthday.
  2. Create a branch node to sort recipients by gender.
  3. Each group receives the appropriate birthday mailing.
  4. Recipients whose gender is unknown receive the third mailing.

You may set up an anniversary campaign in the same manner. Change the target group to has anniversary.

Image: Birthday mailing