Dealing with canceled transactions

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Customers abort orders, purchases, and other transactions for many reasons. If a customer places a product in a shopping cart, that usually indicates interest in that product. A targeted campaign can give the customer an incentive to complete the transaction.

In the example below, customers who abort transactions are sent a coupon and recommendations for related items. Web analysis filters out recipients who put a trip/tour in a shopping cart but did not complete the transaction. You can use a web-analysis tool to transfer records of sales/reservation cancellations directly to Optimizely Campaign.

Web-analysis tools let you simultaneously generate suitable recommendations for transaction cancellations, transfer those to Optimizely Campaign, then create a campaign aimed at this grouping. Contact customer support about connecting web-analysis software to your client.

Using categories and target groups, create paragraphs in a mailing that describe trips/tours similar to the canceled one. Send this mailing to those who canceled transactions.

Recipient generated a post click in service "Analytics" with a value of "Mallorca" /"Grand Canary Islands" / "Sardinia" / "Athens" / "Antalya" / in the category"Transaction cancellation".

You must assign a target group to each destination.

The campaign is carried out in two steps, requiring two mailings: a coupon mailing, and a mailing containing recommendations:

  • May we recommend
  • Book now and redeem your coupon

A separate paragraph is inserted into the mailing for each target group created in the previous step.

The target groups for this campaign are the same used for the cross- and upselling campaign, except that the transaction cancellations category is tracked. Using web-analysis software, the target group looks something like this:

  1. Addressee generated a post click
  2. In the service Analytics
  3. In the transaction cancellation category
  4. Using the word
  • Mallorca
  • Gran Canary Islands
  • Sardinia
  • Athens
  • Antalya
  • ...

The following steps show how to create a campaign for transaction cancellations.

  1. Use a Post click node. The Analytics service and the transaction cancellations target group are set as parameters for the node.
  2. Filter recipients by this node to get recommendations relating to the trip/tour previously considered. Target groupings determine the recommendations in the mailing.
  3. Set a Wait node to a value of 3 days.
  4. Set a branch. For each target group, recipients who purchased a trip/tour are filtered out using the has purchased target group created previously. For these recipients, the campaign is concluded.
  5. Recipients who did not make a purchase get a coupon mailing.

Image: Campaign for transaction cancellations