After-sales recommendations

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Prompt customers who made previous purchases to order more products through after-sales recommendations.

The following example uses customers of an online drugstore who purchased sunscreen the previous year. You want to contact customers whose last purchase is more than 10 months ago, remind them of the sunscreen's expiration date, and suggest they obtain a fresh supply.

For this campaign, first incorporate post-click tracking in the drug store's web shop. This provides information about when a customer purchased a product in the category sunscreen. Next, set up a target group with the filter: recipient purchased a product in the category sunscreen exactly 300 days ago. This group generates a mailing that includes a notification about the expiration date, product recommendations, and a coupon for sunscreen. This mailing is called Has your sunscreen expired? – Buy now and save!

To set up this campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Because this campaign responds with a time delay rather than a transaction, use an Advanced start node rather than a Post-click node. The parameter for the node is the previously-specified target group. The campaign is started daily.
  2. Recipients filtered by this node receive the previously-created mailing.

Image: After sales recommendations campaign