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Follow these tips to find Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) content within edit view.

What you know Action
Content location within page, asset or block structure Use the page tree structure or the blocks and media assets pane and select content.
Content location on the website Use the preview option, go to the content on the website.
Content is associated with a project If you are using the projects feature, use the project overview or the project items navigation pane.
Text within content title or body Use the global search in the top menu or the search fields at the top of the navigation and assets panes.
  • The global search can search all types of content on the website (depending on the configured search provider).
  • Search fields in navigation and assets panes search for content in respective pane and related dialogs.

See Search.

Image: Search in navigation and assets panes

Image: Search in navigation and assets panes

Image: Global search

Image: Global search

A page's status (for example, draft) Use the Tasks tab to find all content in that status.

Image: Tasks tab in the navigation page

Content was edited recently Use the Recently changed status in the Tasks tab.
The Recently Changed gadget displays up to 20 entries.