Manage content

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Content can be pages and blocks in Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), or product content from the catalog on an Optimizely Customized Commerce site. Content can also be assets such as images and videos, or documents in Word or PDF format. CMS has sophisticated version management features, allowing multiple editors to work with draft versions, before approving and publishing the content.

Content on a website can originate from different sources, depending on where on the site and by whom it was created.

  • Editors and marketers, or merchandisers can create content internally, on an e-commerce website.
  • A visitor community member can create content externally through interactive social features on the website, if these are available.

Manage content tasks:

You can preview draft content before publishing, so that you can verify the content before publishing. When working with personalization, you can preview content the way it appears for different visitor groups. To further limit access to content that is work-in-progress, you can also set access rights for content from the edit view.

If you have content in multiple languages on your website, CMS has advanced features for managing translation of content into additional languages, including the use of fallback and replacement languages.

 Optimizely Customized Commerce-related content

See Managing e-commerce-related content, if you have Optimizely Customized Commerce installed.

 Optimizing content to improve search

See Working with content to optimize search, if you have Optimizely Search & Navigation installed.