FACTS connectors implementation

  • Updated

As of January 2023, Optimizely allows partners and the implementation community to build ERP connectors to increase the number of ERP connectors and enhancements available to customers. Optimizely continues to offer existing ERP connectors in their current state, and partners have access to the connector code for future enhancements.

The following is a list of suggested tasks to follow and review during the implementation of this connector.

Turn on the connector

Connector enablement settings are global.

  • Turn on the Connector
    • Select the version
    • Enter the appropriate company number
    • Let the jobs be created upon completion
  • Install the Windows Integration Service (WIS)
    • Note that you should match the 32/64-bit version of the WIS with the corresponding ODBC driver for FACTS
  • Set up the Integration Connections
    • Set up a new Integration Connection for the API calls - something likes FACTS API's.
      • Type: ApiEndpoint
      • Run On: WIS (actually does not matter; will not be used for batch integration jobs).
      • API Address: Enter the API address for the connection (may be something like https://206.99.9999.1:11999/APICALL/) note that the port or DNS entry and port needs to be confirmed with your FACTS implementation partner
      • UserName: Enter the ConsumerKey provided by Infor
      • Password: Enter the password provided by Infor
    • Set up a DSN on the server the WIS is installed on that has access to the appropriate version of the FACTS tables (test/live)
    • Set up a new Integration Connection for the Refresh ODBC calls something like FACTS Refreshes.
      • Type: ODBC
      • Runs on: WIS
      • Connection String: enter the appropriate connection it appears that the DSN contains all the information required so it could be as simple as dsn=FACTS9;host=FactsServer
      • UserName/Password can be left blank
    • Assign the connection to the generated integration jobs
    • Optionally chain the jobs together. It is a common practice to set up the first job as recurring so that it runs every night and then chains from job to job through the chain of refreshes ending with rebuilding the search index.
    • In Settings do the following:
      • Set the Connector setting for FACTS API Connection to the connector you established for the APIs
      • Set the PricingService to RealTime, set the API connection and FACTS as the service
        • You should confer with your implementation partner if you should adjust the default settings for other real-time parameters
      • Set the InventoryService to RealTime, set the API connection and FACTS as the service
        • Set the Include with Pricing option to ON
        • You should confer with your implementation partner if you should adjust the other related settings
      • Set the TaxCalculator to FACTS
        • If you are using FACTS as your tax calculator, note that the Customer Refresh for billtos will need to be modified to add "SAME" as the ERP Ship Number to correctly calculate tax.

      • Set the A/R Provider to FACTS
      • When ready to post the orders to FACTS, set the SubmitOrders to ERP to YES and select FACTS as the Order Submit Service
      • If you are going to turn on Guest checkout, make sure to set the Guest ERP Customer
    • Other FACTS Setup/Prep
      • Note that you will need to select the proper KeyCode for the project you are working on. If you are already using Infor Storefront, we suggest you create a NEW keycode to use so that the data streams between the two projects are not confused.