PayflowPro connectors

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The Optimizely Configured Commerce engineering team now has an integration with Spreedly, a global payments ecosystem. The addition of Spreedly grants clients access to more payment gateway options. Clients implementing new payment gateways on their Configured Commerce storefront must select a payment gateway and a payment method that Spreedly supports.

Paypal's, PayflowPro payment gateway, can be configured when completing an order in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

For more information regarding PayflowPro see the Paypal documentation found here.

Host addresses

Use the following host addresses for Payflow:

  • For live transactions, use
  • For testing purposes, use

Parameter List

The Configured Commerce plug-in builds the required parameter list. The resulting list of parameters specify the payment information for the transaction. The quotation marks " " at the beginning and end are required. The following is an example: TRXTYPE=S&TENDER=C&PARTNER=PayPal&VENDOR=SuperMerchant&USER=Sup erMerchant&PWD=SuperUserPassword&ACCT=5555555555554444&EXPDATE= 0308&AMT=123.00 The content of the PARMLIST varies by the type of transaction being processed. For example, a Void transaction requires a different set of parameters than a Sale.

The following Application Settings are used to configure PayflowPro as the payment provider in Configured Commerce.

Name 4.2

Name 4.3+



Payment Gateway


This needs to be selected first in order to expose the other PayflowPro related settings.



Host addresses provided above






Example: SuperMerchant



Example: SuperMerchant



Password for user



Example: Paypal

Application Settings

  • Credit
  • Void
  • Capture
  • Authorization
  • Sale

The following transaction types are can be triggered from within Configured Commerce when completing or updating a transaction.

Transaction types

When submitting a transaction to PayflowPro the user, password, vendor and partner will be used. The timeout period for the PayflowPro Connection is 30 seconds.

The Configured Commerce PayflowPro plug-in will use the object which contains the Bill To and Ship To. Additionally, it will store the card holder name as comment1 and the "Order Number 1234" as comment2. Finally, the amt parameter is set to the Amount from the submit transaction.

Additional references to these values can be found in the developer guide for PayflowPro.

Configured Commerce does not store sensitive credit card or profile information.