Payment methods overview

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Optimizely Configured Commerce supports a number of payment methods and gateways to capture and secure funds for the items or services that you sell on your eCommerce website. These payment methods are configurable to your business needs and allow you to accept payments in the following forms:

  • Purchase Order Payment Terms
  • Credit Card Payment Gateways
  • Gift Cards

When you initially implement Configured Commerce, be sure you are using only one credit card terms code and that you map it properly. Anything marked Credit Card in the Payment Methods shows in the drop-down list for payment method, so if, for example, you have three terms codes (COD, C.O.D. and Cash Only), you should map all of these to a single credit card terms code in the Customer integration job. This ensures that only one option displays in the drop-down list and forces customers to enter credit card information.

Purchase order payment terms

Configured Commerce lets you define multiple payment terms codes and assign these as defaults for customers (these may also be imported via integration). When a customer selects Purchase Order as their payment type on the Review and Pay page, Configured Commerce automatically sets the terms code on the order to the customer's default and submit that to the ERP. See Configure Purchase Orders and Create and Assign Payment Methods for more information.

Transaction menu rules

In the Sales > Transactions view of the Admin Console, you can Credit, Void and Capture specific transactions via the More Options menu. These options are only available in the following circumstances:

  • The Credit option is only available for Authorization or Sale transactions that have been captured.
  • The Capture option is only available for Authorization transactions that are still open.
  • The Void option is only available for Authorization or Sale transactions that are still open.
  • For all other scenarios, Credit, Capture and Void are hidden.

Credit card payment gateways

Payment Gateways are third-party payment processors that securely process credit card transactions. Configured Commerce supports the use of multiple payment gateways. View the payment gateways Configured Commerce supports under Connectors for Payment Gateways.

Configured Commerce in the Cloud does NOT support the use of custom payment gateways. Configured Commerce does NOT store sensitive credit card or profile information.

Gift cards

You can allow users to use a gift card to pay for all or part of a purchase through custom implementation. Consider possible scenarios such as payment in full or partial payment with a second payment method for the remaining balance. You can expose these settings by using the Master Edit Mode or the Application Dictionary.

Configured Commerce also has a setting in the Admin Console to disallow gift card transactions per website: Ignore Gift Card Transactions