Scheduled jobs

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A scheduled job performs a specific task automatically when set to a date and time. You can run scheduled jobs automatically or manually. See Scheduled jobs under Optimizely Content Management System or visit the Optimizely Customized Commerce developer documentation to learn more.

Because running scheduled jobs can significantly affect website performance, these jobs should run at times of low usage if possible. Ensure you fully understand the impact of a job before running it.

Built-in scheduled jobs

Customized Commerce has the following scheduled jobs by default. Any customized modules and add-ons may have their own scheduled jobs not described here.

  • Remove Expired Carts – Removes carts that are expired (not accessed for a specified number of days). The default is 30 days.
  • Full Search Index – Performs a full indexing of content in product catalogs.
  • Incremental Search Index – Performs an incremental indexing of content in product catalogs.
  • Draft Store Migration – Used for migration of previously published content versions.
  • Find Catalog URL Conflicts – Analyzes the database to find entries and categories that have the same Name in URL under the same parent category. The job logs conflicts as warnings, outputs to the Scheduled Job Log, and sends them to email addresses specified in code.
  • Release Shipment – Searches for releasable shipments in active orders. If the difference between the shipment creation time and the current time is greater than the configured time span, the order's shipment status is changed to Released. By default, the job releases order shipments one day after an order is placed.
  • Rotate Encryption Keys – Secures sensitive customer data with encryption keys set in meta-fields. This job rotates the encryption keys used by the system.
  • Maintain Database Indexes – Rebuilds or reorganizes database indexes to reduce fragmentation in the CMS and Customized Commerce.
  • Collect Subscription Data for Reports – Collects subscription data, ensuring that recurring payments are regularly generated as a background process. Used for payment plans, such as magazine or grocery subscriptions.
  • Collect Order Data for Reports – Compiles the data for the Sales By Day report.
  • Collect Orders per Promotion Statistics – Calculates statistics for displaying promotion (discount) usage for orders associated with campaigns in the Marketing view.
  • Archived schedule job – Deletes archived items permanently after a set period of time. You can also run this job manually.

Other scheduled jobs

These jobs are available if you have Optimizely Recommendations or Optimizely Campaign installed on your website.

  • Export Product Feed – Exports the catalog to update information in Optimizely Product Recommendations. This job includes production deletion, edits, assets, and inventory information.
  • Export Product Feed Incrementally – Exports the catalog incrementally to Optimizely Recommendations. This job updates product changes without exporting the entire catalog, making it faster than the full export job. However, the incremental export job does not replace the full export job since it does not include production deletion, edits, assets, or inventory information. 
  • Export Product Data to Optimizely Campaign – Collects product data and saves it to a CSV file for Optimizely Campaign. See the developer documentation for Customized Commerce-Campaign integration.