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The Customer Management system in Optimizely Customized Commerce is based on contacts and accounts. A contact is a website visitor who registers an account on the front-end site. You can use organizations to manage contacts in structures appropriate for your e-commerce business.

Image: Organization-contacts-hierarchy


Create an organization hierarchy by creating parent-child relationships among organizations. For example, you can create a hierarchy of organizations, such as Administration > EU Headquarters > EU Management. You then may associate contacts with the appropriate level of the organization hierarchy. You can set permissions to determine which users can view organizations in the hierarchy.

The same principle applies to creating customer group hierarchies. For example, you have a customers organization with sub-organizations of Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels of customer groups. You can leverage the customer groups to display different prices for each group.See Organizations.


When a visitor registers on a site's front-end (to make a purchase for example), a contact and account are automatically created. You can manage contacts within customer groups and organizations, to which you can apply specific pricing and personalization. See Contacts.

The default implementation of Optimizely Customized Commerce supports anonymous shopping. This means that customers are not required to create an account to purchase. Anonymous customers are not available as contacts.

Managing contacts and organizations

Customer contacts and organizations are managed from the Customers view in Optimizely Customized Commerce.

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