Recipient overview

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To open the recipients overview, open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select Recipients > Overview.The recipient overview provides access to functions for working with recipient data sets.

Option Action steps
Show recipient datasets

Select a recipient list.

Filter selected datasets

Select a target group from the Target Group list and click Apply.


To search for a recipient or key word within a dataset, enter a search term into the Free text search box and click Apply.

Create recipient
  1. Click Create Recipient…. An row of input boxes appears.
  2. Enter data for the new recipient.
  3. Click Confirm. The list is re-sorted. See also Add element.
Edit recipient
  1. Select a recipient from the list and click Edit Recipient…. Editable fields change to input boxes.
  2. Click Submit.
Delete recipient

Only use Delete Recipient to remove a recipient whose email address does not exist. Recipients who should not receive email from you because of a complaint should be added to the blocklist.

  1. From the list, select a recipient and click Delete Recipient.
  2. Confirm.
Block recipient See Blocklist overview.
  1. Select a recipient from the list and click Block Recipient. The Block Recipient dialog box appears.
  2. Optionally, enter a blocklisting reason, such as, complaint by telephone.
  3. Click Apply. The recipient is added to the blocklist.
  • Anonymize tracking
  • To enable this feature, contact customer support.

    Lets you deactivate personalized tracking of opens and clicks for a recipient. If you do, the recipient is no longer included in action-based target groups (that is, has clicked link B in mailing A), even if the recipient meets the target group's conditions.

    1. To deactivate personalized tracking for a recipient, select a recipient and click Anonymize Tracking.
    2. In the dialog box that opens, confirm.

      Personal action-based data is anonymized from the time of activation. Action-based data from the recipient history is not retrospectively anonymized. If you later reactivate personalized tracking, anonymized action data is not restored and assigned to the recipient.

    You can also use the Optimizely Campaign HTTP API to set up the tracking opt-out option in your mailings. See HTTP API on Optimizely World.

    Download recipient

    You need the permission to download recipient lists.

    To save recipients in a recipient list or a selected set of recipients to a CSV file, click Save Optimizely image at the bottom of the list.

    Take care when handling the downloaded data

    A recipient list or set of recipients downloaded with this function also contains data for unsubscribed recipients, blocked recipients, and recipients for whom the bounce limit is exceeded. Do not use this dataset for sending messages or mailings from other clients or mailing systems. To export only active recipients in a recipient list, use Recipient export instead.