SDK releases and downloads

  • Updated

Optimizely releases service packs for supported versions of Configured Commerce SDK that address bugs and may include minimal enhancements when applicable.

Next Targeted SDK Release Date

  • 2024

Supported Versions

For a list of supported versions of Configured Commerce SDK, review the Supported Versions article.


To reference instructions on upgrading Configured Commerce SDK, review the articles in the Upgrades to Configured Commerce SDK section.

SDK Release downloads

Use the links below to review the release notes and download the latest Configured Commerce SDK. Older versions do not always receive an updated SDK, so the published dates may not be in sync with the other builds.

NuGet packages are available on, which does not require authentication. 

Version Build Release Notes Published Download
5.2.0 Release notes 05/09/2024 Download
5.1.0 Release Notes 05/09/2024 Download
4.6.0 Release Notes 08/17/2023 Download
4.5.0 Release Notes 3/17/2022 Download
4.4.0 - 6/18/2021 Download
4.3.1 - 3/19/2020 Download
4.2.0 - 3/19/2020 Download
4.1.0 - 10/18/2017 Download

Optimizely does not update the starting database when releasing SDK. If you want to see the "golden" copy of the database, start up the project against that starting database and start the site, which will apply all outstanding scripts.

Configured Commerce's Data Usage Policy

By default, Configured Commerce uses software tools to collect information about the usage of this platform, such as Google Analytics. Information such as how often users visit this site, the specific features they use, anonymous user IP addresses, user hostnames, Configured Commerce version and user IDs are collected (the “Usage Data”). Insite uses the Usage Data to improve the functionality and features of the Configured Commerce platform.

Optimizely does not combine the Usage Data with personally identifiable information. All Usage Data captured via Google Analytics is stored in compliance with the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy. You may choose to disable this tracking at any time.

Use of the Usage Data is subject to the terms of the Insite Privacy Policy. Episerver strongly recommends that all users review the Privacy Policy periodically. Use of Configured Commerce and acceptance of these Terms of Service constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

To disable this tracking at any time, refer to the related article on Configured Commerce's Usage Data Policy and disabling Google Analytics.